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Austin Cell Repair

Snipwire Wireless

1200 W Howard Ln
Austin, TX 78753
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(512) 553-5548

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Need a Mobile Phone Repaired in Austin ? Call the ACR Hotline Now at 512-553-5548

At ACR - Austin Cell Repair, we do it all - cracked screens, broken antennas, cracked or missing faceplates, water damaged phones, carrier locked cell phones, user locked, broken LCD displays, broken or sticky keyboards, broken flip phones, lost contact lists, missing data, and much...much.....more.

Think all your cellphone damage is covered by insurance.....think again ! Many cell phone repairs are not covered by your cell phone insurance - instead they require that you replace your cellular phone and pay full retail for that new cell phone. Not at Austin Cell Repair, We fix all cell phone problems and we fix most of them the same day we receive them. Better yet, we warranty our work.

How can we do this ? For starters we are an Authorized cell phone repair center. That means we have access to parts and our technicians have been trained to repair many different types of cell phones including (but not limited to):

Blackberry Apple Motorola Sony Ericsson Palm, Iphone Ipod Samsung Sanyo

We also have the ability to unlock mobile phones including Nokia cell phones, Sony Ericsson cellphones, and Apple iPhones along with many other brands. Regardless of which company provides your cell phone service Austin Cell Repair can repair your cellular phone, PDA, or smart phone. Try us today for fast, cost effective, trustworthy cell phone repair.

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